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Happy Wednesday!  It’s what I plan to start considering Change the World Wednesday here at Sol & Heart Coaching, and I’m thinking on how we use our words today.  This is a topic that is close to my heart, for as many of you know, I also teach university-level communication classes, and spend a lot of time thinking about how conversations and dialogue can create positive change in the world.  In fact, I even wrote my master’s thesis on Walking Peacefully in the World and how we construct our reality based on the stories we tell and the conversations we have.  So, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we use words, and how we communicate with one another, and ourselves.

Today we’re focusing on intrapersonal communication, or communication inside oneself, you know…self-talk. Perhaps another day we’ll look at words we use with others, in small groups, in public speaking, or through media.  (Oooh, listen to the teacher in me!) 🙂

Today, though, we’re gonna focus in on the words we use with ourselves and the impact those make.  I know you know this.  This is just a little reminder.

How you talk to yourself MATTERS.  

What kinds of words are you using with yourself?  

For reals.

I mean, are you building yourself up?  Are you supporting yourself?  Do you have your own back?  Are you inspiring yourself in the way you talk to yourself?


Listen to yourself when you’re having a hard day, or feeling down, or when you’re feeling marvelous.  How is your intrapersonal communication, or your self-talk, rocking your own world, challenging yourself in positive ways, and being supportive of YOU?

Conversely, how are you being hard on you?  How is your self-talk bumming you out, making you feel less-than, not-fabulous-enough, not-WHATEVER-enough, etc…? (You get the point.)

Recall, next time you’re feeling down, that your words, indeed, have great power.  Simple shifts in remembering to use powerful, peaceful, loving words with yourself, can change your perspective, build you up, and in turn…change your world and how you feel.

Just give it a try.  And let me know how it goes.

Remember how powerful you are, and how powerful talking to yourself in positive ways can be.  Use language that empowers, even with yourself.

Love love love,


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