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As the seasons change, and autumn fades into winter here in Alaska, I’ve been thinking about mentorship. Every winter, I lead a young women’s empowerment group through the university where I teach, and I absolutely love meeting weekly with a group of teen girls who are considering life and love and big dreams and choices. Being able to support them as a mentor truly delights me.

Being a teacher and coach means that I’m often in a place where I’m supporting and encouraging others to learn and grow, and this is where I love to play (and work) in life. I often feel like a big sister to the world.

Maybe you can relate? Through conversations with many of you, I know that our Sol & Heart community of changemakers and creatives is also a community of mentors. Whether you know it or not, I would be willing to bet there are people looking up to you, and who value your opinion and the wisdom you bring to the world.

I’ve noticed that while I feel comfortable with this role, I really need people that I look up to, as well. There is value in having formal mentoring relationships, and I seek those in colleagues and coaches myself. I also appreciate those people who I look up to informally or from a distance; the people who I hope to emulate in some way, learn from, and grow through their wisdom.

My question for you this month is ~ Who are your mentors?  Who do you admire, respect, and wish to live like in the world? 

Answering this question in our lives might give us some much-needed guidance. If you have colleagues, friends, or relatives you look up to, start making note of what they do that inspires you and see how you can apply that to your own life. Find time to visit with them and ask for their words of wisdom. If there’s someone you can formally reach out to – either to pay for their service as a coach or counselor – consider that. (It’s great to have people on your support team.) If there are people whose books you’ve been meaning to read, find time to read the books, listen to their podcasts, and check out their social media presence for motivation.

I believe we have all the answers within ourselves, and I also believe in seeking input and wisdom from trusted sources (and being a trusted source for others in our lives).

So I invite you this week to notice your mentors and role models, and what they can teach you about life and love, and become aware of how you show up as a mentor to others, and how you can be a resource for them.

With kindness and courage,


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