What’s your vibe?

light vibes in writing. photo by me.
light vibes in writing. photo by me.

Hello sweet friends,

Last weekend I turned 34 years old!  I’ve been taking some time to reflect on life and where I’m at, and that can be awesome and scary all at once, right?  I’m pleased to share with you that upon reflection, 33 was a dang good year, and I’m hopeful about this next year of life.

It’s funny, actually, [insert quirky story here] that I was chatting with one of my coaching clients after our session and I shared with her that I’d been excited about turning 33, but I was a little unsure about turning 34.  We got to talking about why, and I told her that for whatever reason, I liked the number 33, so it felt good.  I wasn’t sure about 34.  Then she said, “Well, three plus four equals seven, right?  And seven’s a good number.”  And there it was.  My client helped me reframe my perspective.  Yes, I do like the number seven!  And I’m embracing being a year older and more brilliant!  🙂

In this past week of reflection, I’ve been reflecting on what it takes to own one’s strengths, to rock what and who we are and where we’re at, and to love ourselves, regardless of our shortcomings.  As with most people, I’ve got some things I totally dig about myself, and some things I wanna work on…  (We’re all works in progress, I know!)

So, one thing I’ve been thinking on is our own particular presence, our own specific vibe.  I’ve gotten a lot of feedback lately that my vibe includes lightness.  While I joke that positivity is my superpower (Have I told you the story of how I realized that?  Perhaps I should…), sometimes it helps to have people reflect back to you what vibe you’re sending out to the world.  After the fifth person said this in the recent past, I started to listen.  Yeah.  Lightness.  I like that. I’m gonna keep rocking this light, positive vibe…and hope that I can send out some love your way, too.

And I wanna know what your vibe is!  Do you know?  If you’re not sure, I challenge you to ask some people who love you what vibe you send out to the world…is it the vibe you want?  If not, you can change that, my friend.  And if it is the vibe you’re cool with, then I hope you rock that vibe. You are the only one of you, and the world needs your vibe.


light & love,


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