What Stories are You Telling Yourself?

Hello lovelies ~

Recently my friend Geoff Welch, the mastermind behind This Tiny Empire, and I got together for another little chat. This time we talked about narratives – or the stories we tell ourselves.  Both Geoff and I have realized that we’ve told ourselves stories at certain times in our lives that have been less than helpful, and we’re both working to change them.

The stories we tell ourselves can be conscious or unconscious – sometimes we aren’t even aware of a narrative we’ve been playing out in our lives. Sometimes we’re very aware of the stories we tell ourselves, and know that these are either holding us back or helping us grow. These narratives impact the way we perceive and live our lives.  The stories give us wings, or they weigh us down. What stories do you tell yourself – about you?

This time, Geoff and I explored our understanding of narratives together.  I value my conversations with Geoff because he’s such a smart fellow and I’m always learning from him.  He is authentic ~ and he is rad.

If you have 20 minutes, check out our conversation ~  and I’d love to hear from you.  Have you uncovered any narratives lately in your own life that help you grow or hold you back?  How are you working to change the destructive ones?

With love & sparks,



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