What Season is it for You?

Yesterday, I had a great conversation about *joy* with my new friend Maya Hampton, The Joy Expert (@sayyes2joy on Insta).

We met each other through my amazing friend and rad coaching buddy Blaze Bell via Instagram, which is one of my favorite ways to make new friends!

(Btw, are we Insta friends yet? Let’s be friends! I’m @solandheart)

Maya and I had a wonderful conversation about seasons, the cycles of our lives, and finding light amidst the darkness. I loved talking with her, and our conversation inspired me to write you today.

First, those of you in the northern hemisphere might be experiencing the long summer days, and noticing yourself staying up later and trying to get more done – it is SUMMER, after all!?

Up here in Alaska, I notice in many of us the desire to get out and do ALL THE FUN THINGS because it is light and warm and YOU MUST…before it’s winter again, right?!

We feel like we must take advantage of the season, and yet sometimes it exhausts us. We stay up too late, we don’t get normal life things (like laundry) done – because we’re pushing to do all the things.

This is so much fun at times! (And you know, I advocate for *fun* in life as much as possible.) Each summer, I find myself putting chores aside so that I can go out and play – trusting that things will get done eventually – and I’ll have alllll winter to clean.

Sometimes, though, this pace of life can get to be too much.

Remember, you don’t have to be on the move all the time. 

Listen to your body.

If you have energy for fun, go for it! 

And…if your body is telling you that it might need to rest a bit, to recuperate before the next adventure – listen to that, too.

Your body will tell you what it needs. 

Regardless of what season it is where you are in the world, this feeling can be like the metaphorical springs and summers of our lives. There are times in our lives, no matter what season outside, in which we feel energetic, excited, and super productive. We feel creative, in flow, and like we can do all the things with ease. There are other times that are like the autumns and winters of our lives…times in which we want to curl up, get cozy, and let the time pass without being productive in any way. We may notice the ebb of our energy, and the desire to hermit; to let time pass and just be. In the past, I would feel stressed when these times showed up in my life. I would wonder with concern – Where has my inspiration gone? Have I lost my creativity and motivation!? I would question whether I really needed to watch one more Netflix episode, or sleep in that extra hour that my body was telling me it needed.

I have learned now to trust those signals.

Our lives move in cycles, sometimes aligned with the seasons, and sometimes not.

Where are you in your life? 

Is it spring, summer, autumn, or winter? 

This morning, I opened Rebecca Campbell’s book, Rise Sister Rise, as I do most mornings (it’s part of my morning self-care ritual to read something inspiring) and found these words:

Trust the natural flow of your inner seasons and don’t push yourself to bloom all year. There are times for sowing, times for blossoming, and times for retreating and going into hibernation. There is plenty of room for all of us to rise in our own perfect time. What is another person’s summer may be your winter. But come spring, positions will be reversed. Trust your inner seasons and remember: spring returns to delight us each and every year. 

What wonderful timing! Whenever this kind of synchronicity happens (like, I’m thinking of the seasons and cycles, and I turn to the perfect page in a book), I see it as a wink from the Universe; a sweet reminder we are on the right path.

If you want extra love and support right now with trusting where you are in life, remember, I made you this Trust Yourself Guided Visualization earlier this month. I’ve heard back from some of you about how the experience was for you – and it’s been so fun for me to know that it was helpful. If you haven’t tried it yet – follow this link HERE – take 15 minutes – and build your self-trust a bit more today.

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