What Lights You Up?

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What lights you up?

What is the project you love so much you can get lost in it?

What is the idea you have that has so much potential, and all you need to do is give it some time and attention?

Many of us have creative dreams that we want to follow. Whether it’s a story to be written, an album to be recorded, a business idea you’re longing to begin, a cause that needs attention, a blog to be launched, or a small business you’re already growing, I bet you have something you’re hoping to do (probably outside your day job).

Some of us have started along the path already, but it’s not easy to go it alone. Most of us can use support along the way. Perhaps you wish for someone to talk to about your idea, to strategize with, to cheer you on, and to help you keep going when it gets tough.

When I look back on my creative project & business endeavor (Sol + Heart), I can see how many people have helped me along the way. Thankfully, my family and friends have encouraged and supported me. And I also made the decision, (and continue making the decision), to sign up for opportunities to help me grow. I have worked with coaches and joined several programs that have helped me learn more and receive support.

Two programs that helped me (and that I enjoyed) the most, were called “mastermind groups.” You may have never heard of a mastermind group before, but let me tell you – I have found them to be incredibly beneficial! In mastermind groups, you meet with a group of like-minded individuals working on projects (or businesses) and with them you can tackle challenges, support each other, share connections, and possibly find people to collaborate with – depending on what you’re working on. They become a special community in which you can receive coaching, advice, develop momentum, and strategize.

In my experience with masterminds, I have been challenged, encouraged, made new friends with great people, and been really inspired to stay committed to my dreams. I can look back and see how much momentum I gained through having the support of a small group and an excellent coach and teacher who could support me.

With that in mind, as I have been thinking about what I want to offer next as a part of Sol + Heart, I decided a mastermind (of sorts) was what I wanted to create next!  My latest creative project is beginning the Open-Hearted Changemakers Intensive – an online mastermind group opportunity (for those who don’t know or like the name “mastermind”). This program is one in which you will receive high-level group coaching from me, and you’ll also benefit from the collective intelligence of the other participants in the program.

Together, we’ll meet twice a month as a group, and I will encourage you to meet the other weeks with a smaller team within the group. This means, you have the potential to be receiving weekly support from a team of committed, big-hearted changemakers and creatives, who are ready to grow just like you! Given that it’s an “intensive,” this is an opportunity for those of you who are ready and committed to taking action and building your creative projects. 

I am so excited to be offering this opportunity because helping awesome people who are doing neat work in the world connect and gain momentum is what lights me up!

Join us! There are three amazing folks signed up already – and there will be space for nine people total in the group – meaning there are SIX spaces still available! If you are interested in this opportunity, check out the webpage HERE for more information and details, email me with any questions, and apply HERE!

Enrollment ends this Wednesday (8/31) – so if you’re going to apply – now is the time!

Please consider joining us, and either way – I hope you follow what lights you up.



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