What is life coaching – and how did I become a life coach?


A few people have asked me to explain more about life coaching ~ and about my path to becoming a life coach ~ so I thought I’d share a little more with you for those who might be interested.

A couple of years ago, a dear friend of mine mentioned she was studying to become a health coach, and that she was looking for clients.  I didn’t know anything about coaching, and after asking a few questions, offered that I would like to be a client and learn more.  We spent a summer meeting together for one hour every two weeks, discussing my personal health and wellness goals, and how I wanted to grow and make changes in my life.

It was such a positive experience! In a world where we rush around, and feel lucky to get ten minutes of a friend’s time to really listen to our thoughts and ideas, I was so grateful for time to just talk through some of my goals and ideas with someone who was genuine, nonjudgmental, cared, supported me in my goals, and wanted to listen.  I appreciated this service so much, I was even willing to pay for it! My summer of health coaching helped me reframe some of my perspectives on what HEALTH meant to me, and really invigorated me to continue my journey to more health and wellness.  My friend’s business, if you’re curious, is called Healthy Rebellion. Christianne Morgan is really super cool and I would definitely recommend her services.

During that time, I also joined an online workshop called The Fear Cleanse.  I’m not even sure quite why I joined this workshop, but it looked interesting, and I was intrigued with the byline of “40 Days of Self Love.” I knew I was at a point of transition in my life, and that I could use all the support I could get to make some choices to live a happier, more fulfilled life. I spent the summer learning about choosing love over fear, in the 40-day workshop created by Gabrielle Bernstein and Christine Arylo.  I learned a lot throughout the 40 days, and became intrigued with the idea of coaching people to overcome challenges in their lives.

I started looking into life coaching, and learning more about how to become a certified life coach myself.  Frankly, I was thrilled that there was a profession and a name for something I’ve done my whole life.  I love people.  I love listening to people, being a sounding board for ideas, and being an encouraging, positive voice in people’s lives. After doing lots of research throughout last winter, I found guidance and support from a most gifted and wonderful life coach named Jessica Colp who helped me clarify my intentions and encouraged me at just the right time.

After much thought, settled on the International Coach Academy, and began pursuing studies to become a certified life coach last June.  I particularly liked the international focus (the academy is in Australia) and the idea of studying with students all over the world.  Indeed, my virtual classroom includes student coaches from ALL over the world, and I feel so blessed to develop an even stronger intercultural perspective through the courses. I’m currently studying, and anticipate finishing my studies this summer.  Throughout my studies, I have learned about coaching theories, methodology, and practical skills.  I have had the opportunity to be a client with other coaches from around the world, and receive feedback and guidance from the coaching instructors at the academy. Combining my coaching studies with my master’s degree in communication has been fascinating and fun.

So this is my path.  I have worked with several clients already, and am growing and LOVING the opportunity to coach clients. I’ve tried to explain in my Sol & Heart Coaching section of this blog what coaching is, and how coaching can help you.  I’ll keep improving upon that explanation, but I will share a little conversation I just had with a friend.  He was inquiring about life coaching, and after some discussion he asked,

“So, it’s like having a personal cheerleader?”  

And I responded, “Yes, AND having a personal strategist, too.

I like this thought – personal cheerleader and strategist.  Ultimately, a coach’s job is to help YOU determine your own strategies, and to cheer you on, but how valuable is it to have someone to LISTEN in an unbiased, nonjudgmental, open, and encouraging way to our thoughts?  Life coaches challenge us, push us to be our best selves, help us gain self-awareness and feel empowered, and celebrate with us as we achieve our hopes, dreams, and goals.

I remember when I first heard the term “life coach,” I thought it was a bit cheesy, honestly.  I wasn’t sure why I would need one, or what exactly they did.  I remember this feeling.  It’s funny that after learning more, I now believe that life coaching is incredibly powerful and valuable in people’s lives.  Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a family member or friends who do listen to you and support you.  Some of us do not have someone we trust in our lives with whom to discuss our hopes, dreams, and life challenges.  Some of us have those people, but those people also have very strong opinions about how they believe we should live our lives, and we wish for someone who was unbiased and could just give us the space to talk through our thoughts.  A life coach can provide you with new perspectives, help you discover underlying beliefs, habits, or patterns that may hold you back, and will support you in moving forward to live a more vibrant life through planning, goal-setting, or simply just asking you questions.

If you are interested in learning more about my practice, contact me at solandheart@gmail.com.  Otherwise, I hope this explanation gives you more of a sense of what life coaching is, who I am, and why I believe life coaching has value.




Love & Sparks,


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  • Beautiful…I can’t think of a better person to strategize with/cheerlead/hold loving space for others. You have been doing that pretty much forever, I think. 🙂 Abrazos!