What do you hold dear?


Dear lovelies,

Happy Mama’s Day, first of all!  I hope you’re all having a most wonderful day.  If you’re a mom, I hope you’re feeling valued and loved today.  If you’re not a mom, then I hope you’re sharing your love and admiration with your mum, or someone else’s mum today.  Loving and caring for little ones (or us big people) is such a huge responsibility, and an incredibly important task in the world.  Although I’m not a mom myself, I’m an auntie, and a  lover of little and big people.  If you’re a mama, know you have my utmost respect and admiration.

Tonight, let’s think about our values a little bit.  How often do you think about what you value?  How often do you consider what you hold dear?

While some values may remain a near-constant throughout your life, often times we’ll see some changes in our values over time.  Depending on where we’re at and what we’re doing with our lives, our values may shift.

*When’s the last time you gave your values some thought?

*What are your top ten values right now?

If you ever choose to experience life coaching with me, this is one of the first questions I’ll ask you.  What do you value?  I ask you, because I want to support you in living vibrantly, in living cheerfully, and in living peacefully, and I can support you best when I know you’re values, and when you know your values.

We tend to feel the happiest and most satisfied with our lives when we’re living in line with our values.  So, if you’re feeling a little off kilter with the changing of the seasons, give some thought to your values.  Make a list of your top ten – and then spend some time reflecting.  Are you living with those values in mind?  Are you aligned?

If you feel like you’d like to talk this through with someone, or need a little extra support in moving forward, I’d love to set up a coaching session to explore together.  (P.S. ~ The first session’s always free, in case you feel like giving it a try and seeing what you think!)

And if you’re wondering about the photo, this was a little quiet time I had this weekend, in which I decided to look over my own values a little bit.  My journal and coffee are always necessary for my introspection. <3  Two of my pretty consistent values are ~ peace & love.  (I know, you’re shocked.)  One of the things I’m valuing recently more than ever: ADVENTURES.  I’m sure I’ll have some good stories with this in mind…and I’d love to hear about your values if you want to share with me here.  I always love to hear from you.

Sparks & love,


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