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The struggle is part of the story. I find these words fascinating to contemplate.  We all have pieces and parts of our lives that absolutely flow, and other pieces in which we most definitively struggle.


Throughout life, I am reminded again and again that no one escapes the struggle.   We may struggle with different areas, but each of us has a few (if not many) struggles on this beautiful planet.


This week, I’ve had some valuable conversations with friends and clients who are hurting.


I want us all to remember, in these times of struggle, that no matter how we may feel we are not alone. 


Yes, it feels lonely, and painful, and sometimes dark, but this is a part of our story.  This is the part that teaches us compassion for others, that keeps us humble; the ache in our hearts helps us know we’re alive. The ache, the pain, the longing, let us know we still feel.


Remember you are not alone. Remember the struggle is part of the story.  Remember you are love, and you will be okay.


<3 with love,




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