Wanna Go on a Date?


Have you noticed how dating can either be

the worst – or the best?!  

One of my clients has been online dating after being out of the dating scene for a while. We’ve gotten to go deep with some vulnerability she was feeling. And we also had fun, getting her online dating profile to communicate who she really is, and going through the profiles of men and women she’s considering meeting.

​​​​​There’s so many ways that dating can feel complicated. Maybe you’re dating for the first time in a long time and navigating transition. Or you’ve been dating for a while now…and you’re starting lose hope. Or perhaps you’re happily single, partnered, married or divorced, but you know someone who’s dating and needs this. (I bet you do.)

One of my favorite things to coach my clients through is dating.


Because dating can suck. And dating can be super fun.

It’s all about your mindset. And how you view the process. It’s about being open to possibilities, even when you carry around a bit of baggage.

As the holidays draw nearer and it gets colder outside – maybe you wish you had someone to cuddle up with. Maybe you find dating on your mind…

Have no fear. I’m here for you.

I’m opening up six spaces for 1:1 Dating Coaching starting this month, and I’d love for YOU to join me. Remember, I coach people all over the world – so as long as you have a phone or Skype line, I can be your coach. (Apply here for one of the spaces.) 

What is 1:1 Dating Coaching?

I’ll support you in both the inner work and the outer work to feel clear, confident, courageous, authentic, sexy, and open in your dating life. We’ll explore what’s up with your mind, heart, and intentions – and then we’ll look at how you’re presenting yourself (online profiles, anyone?), communicating, and what the heck you do if you actually meet someone you like.

What’s the Investment?

Your time and energy! We’ll meet twice per month for an hour – via phone or Skype – for your 1:1 personalized sessions.

Two Coaching Packages: 

  • 1:1 Dating Coaching | Transition: 3 Months = One Payment of $675 or 3 monthly payments of $235.
  • 1:1 Dating Coaching | Transformation: 6 Months = One Payment of $1350 or 6 monthly payments of $235.

*Other payment plans will be considered upon request.

How do we get started?

Fill out a short 1:1 Dating Coaching Application. Once I receive your application, I’ll review it and follow up with you via email.

Let’s find the fun in dating!

Join me for 1:1 Dating Coaching.



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