Vibrant Summer 2016

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It’s almost summertime! Summer is an ideal time to bring new vibrance to your life, your relationships, and your work. With the extra sunshine, we have more energy to bring to living our lives in the most positive ways. Feel more clarity, confidence, courage, and brilliance this summer. Let’s work together!

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What is Vibrant Summer 2016?

It’s time. Your time to feel your most vibrant and fulfilled.

Vibrant Summer 2016 is your opportunity for one-on-one, personalized coaching to tap into your true desires, and gain clarity, confidence, and courage to help you live a more vibrant, meaningful life.

How will Vibrant Summer 2016 help me?

Your coaching sessions will be personalized ~ so this is an opportunity for you to work with me (Solveig) – an experienced Certified Professional Life Coach.

Here are some of my areas of expertise and the ways coaching could help you grow:

Creative Projects: 

– Plan and launch that creative project you’ve been longing to begin

– Increase your confidence and move beyond self-doubt and fear

– Have the gentle accountability to help you manage your time well and reach your goals


– Deepen your relationships and find more connection

– Improve your communication skills

– Grow your self-confidence

– Develop and cultivate new relationships


 Take care of you (create and cultivate more space for self-care in your life)

– Feel more love and appreciation for your body

– Develop habits, rituals, and routines that support you living with more vibrancy and wellbeing


 Improve clarity as you experience transition

– Support with intentional decision-making

– Encouragement along the way – as you explore the world outside your comfort zone

– Increase your confidence and move beyond self-doubt and fear


Ready to sign up for Vibrant Summer 2016?

Click HERE to schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Solveig – to see if coaching is right for you.


How will this work? 

Three Months of One-on-One Coaching – Starting the week of June 1, we’ll meet for one hour sessions twice per month for three months (for a total of six sessions).


* Sessions will begin the week of June 1 – and can be scheduled at your convenience using my online scheduling system.

* All sessions will occur over the phone &/or Skype – depending on your preference.

* Space is limited! There are 8 spaces open – sign up by May 25, 2016.



* One payment of $650 for six hour long sessions, plus ongoing email support

* (or) Three monthly payments of $225 over the three months

Payment via PayPal – before the sessions begin – alternative payment plans may be available upon inquiry


More questions?  Email me at or sign up for the 30 minute free Introductory Spark Session to see if Vibrant Summer 2016 is right for you.  

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I’d love to meet you and support you in feeling more fulfilled and vibrant this summer!

With love & light,