Sometimes it’s scary to have big dreams.

You know deep down that you’re doing something special.

You want to share your work with others, but something keeps stopping you.

You wish you knew what it was, that feeling that stops you.

But if you’re honest with yourself, you know.

You’re secretly worried that your work isn’t good enough to share.

You’re afraid of looking or sounding “dumb” (even though you can pep talk someone else about this stuff – no problem).

You’re unsure of how vulnerable to be – and how to connect with others through your work.

This six week online group coaching program will take you through a process to become more comfortable opening up and allowing your work to become more visible.

Over six weeks, you’ll learn to: 

  • Find clarity and recognize where you’ve been holding yourself back
  • Grow confidence in yourself
  • Uncover your fears and self-doubt and become (even more) courageous
  • Shift from confusion or procrastination (or any of the other ways we hide) to feeling secure in how and what you share
  • Stop stifling your voice and become more visible
  • Realize the time is NOW. We NEED YOU to be brave, and we need your ideas!
  • Be ready to manifest your dream life

In The Courage to Be Seen, you’ll be guided through:

Powerful Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Online Teaching, Tools, + Worksheets to Help You Focus + Move Forward

Private Facebook Group to Build Community + Practice Being Seen

Let me tell you about my passion for this topic ~

With a master’s degree in Public Communication, 10 years experience teaching university Communication courses, and working as a coach to creatives and changemakers for 5 years, I understand the courage it takes to use our voice and allow ourselves to be seen.

I recall in my mid-20s being tentative about what I was saying and unsure that what I had to say was worth much. I’ve always wanted to step up in bigger ways, but I’ve also been a blusher my whole life (still true). My communication anxiety would sometimes get the best of me, and I would succumb to holding my ideas in for fear of blushing too much or sounding dumb.

Additionally, with a Scandinavian father and a mother who grew up in the formal military culture of the 50s and 60s – I come from a family culture that is quite private. The idea of publicly sharing anything about oneself was questionable at best.

So the idea of putting myself “out there” and allowing myself to be seen, to gain visibility, and to share my story has definitely been a practice for me.

As I’ve grown my coaching practice over the past five years, I’ve recognized that in order to grow my business, I must become more visible and allow myself to be seen.

This has required me to grow in my own self-love and self-worth, to contemplate and negotiate how and when I will share about my life, and to manage my fears.

I know that you are doing valuable work in the world – whether it is writing a book, developing a small business or creative endeavor, or creating artwork that nobody knows about … the world needs you to share your brilliance!

This program is perfect for Creatives, Makers, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs:  

  • You have an idea for a book, a project, a business that you are already working on, but haven’t been ready to share with others yet
  • You are passionately MAKING, but not SHARING your work anywhere
  • You are struggling with self-doubt and know you need to play bigger
  • You have a true DESIRE to share your work with others, even if it’s buried under fear

Oh, and by the way – this program is not right for you if: 

  • You’re not really truly ready to be seen
  • You’re not ready to do the work it requires internally to get there
  • You’re unclear on what you want to share or what your work is yet
  • You’re not ready for change or to get un-stuck

If you know you’re the only one holding yourself back, stop limiting yourself and hiding your light.  

Join this wonderful, warm community of creatives & changemakers who are growing more courageous together: 

So the time is now. Stop holding yourself back, and let’s become more COURAGEOUS.

Let’s take your fantastic ideas and SHARE THEM WITH THE WORLD.



Q: I’m crazy busy – should I join? 

A: Only you know your schedule and how much time you have. Get curious about your priorities – if this is something that’s important to you, I would encourage you to join us. When you schedule in and commit to yourself about that things that are truly important to you, you WILL find the time to make them happen. (Also, you can go at your own pace throughout the six weeks, and the material will be available to you afterwards to review.)

Q: But I’m SUPER scared to share my work…how will you make sure I feel safe?

A: Well, I cannot make sure you feel safe, but I can share with you the tools, resources, and support you with coaching to help you grow beyond your fears. It takes the two of us, but I’m game to support you if you’re ready to bust through those fears.

Q: I’m worried about the expense – can I divide the payments up? 

A: Yes! Email me at and we’ll come up with a payment plan that works for you.

Q: What if I don’t like the program? 

A: Well, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it, but if you don’t – I offer a full refund on the cost of the program within 14 days of the start date. You have two whole weeks to make up your mind about whether this program is right for you.