Sun-day night thoughts ~ after a week filled with sunshine

Hello sparkling ones,

Photo by Solveig
Photo by Solveig

This week has been so full of sunshine!  I was thinking of this today, on another sunshiny Sun-day and wishing I could be outside all day long.  Up here in Alaska, it’s still pretty cold outside, but the sun is shining and things are feeling melty…like it’s going to happen soon.  We’re probably in for a little more snow, but the worst of winter is over.  I always love March for this reason; the feeling that we’ve survived winter and if we can just hold on a little longer, it’ll be spring for reals.

I noticed this past week, too, in conversations with friends and clients, that many people feel some strange funk around this time of year.  I’ve even felt it myself.  It’s like the sun is shining, but sometimes it shines so bright that we need to cover our eyes a bit, and adjust.  If you’re feeling the spring funk, I’m there with you.  Solidarity.  <3  And I cannot wait to get through that and just revel in the goodness of spring.

Along those lines, I’ve been working on trust.  I’ll probably create another post here soon on the concept of trust. For those of you who follow my Facebook (and if you don’t, you should!) you’ll know I’ve been considering trust this week…Self-trust, trusting the universe, trusting our intuition, trusting others…and just working on it.  I am a pretty trusting person, but we all reach times in which we’re tested.  This week’s been one for me…just a little test from the universe, I think, to see if I practice what I preach.  🙂  It’s good.

So, tonight here are a few encouraging finds for you…some good thoughts from Pinterest that will hopefully be some positivity for the start to the week.  I hope it finds you where you’re at ~ psyched for sunshine, in a bit of a funk, struggling with trust, or on a sleepy Monday morning.  <3

Love & sparks~



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