sparkle boots

Inspired by a friend who had created sequined heels, I decided to create sparkle rain boots for Halloween 2011.  (My costume was The Universe ~ epic, I know.)  Mostly, it was just an excuse to dress in a glittery outfit and wear more glitter, which is one of my favorite things to do in life.  After Halloween, I decided I really liked the boots and that I should keep wearing them.  By New Year’s Eve, my friend and I decided we should re-glitter my boots and create some sparkle boots for her, as well.

It was a super fun evening!  Below you can see the plethora of glitter we had, and sequins, and wine!  🙂  So far, I’ve found that E-6000 glue (which you can buy at Michael’s) seems to be the best glue for keeping the sequins ON the boots.  If you like sequins, glitter, and rain boots, I highly recommend this idea!


Boots drying.  You can see that mine are a pile of sequins, while my more artistic friend made lovely hearts on the toes of her boots.

Glitter boots for New Year’s Eve!

Wandering in the snow with sparkle boots is fun.

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