September is the New January

Dear friends,

This weekend there was a new chill in the air.  I felt it.  Although the leaves are still green, there are twinges of yellow and red (at least up here in Alaska) that tell us that seasons are changing, and in the infamous words of Game of Thrones, “winter is coming.”

A few of my friends are already feeling it, and I’m starting to notice, as well.  We feel the murmurs of seasons changing and are contemplating our lives. I read a meme the other day that said “September is the new January,” and I’ve been thinking about it and what that means to me. I am not quite ready (yet) for the seasons to change – I like holding on to the remnants of summer as long as possible – and yet I am open to refocusing in my world as the seasons are shifting.

Here are a few questions for you (and me) ~

So, what is on your heart?

What can you embrace?

What can you let go of this month?

For me, I’m returning to the gym with more vigor, eating more greens, signing up for a class to learn more about happiness, and reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

One of my friends signed up for kung fu classes, another is recommitting to her yoga practice, and yet another is considering his future career and studies more closely and making some changes.

Autumn can be a time to refocus, to renew, and to let go.  Take some time, think about your world, and how it can be even a little better.

Now is a good time.




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