Rules for Living Well

It’s Monday.  Mondays mark the beginning of the work week for many of us.  Mondays can be days in which we hop out of bed, eager to begin a meaningful day of work.  Or Mondays can be days we dread all weekend long, and drag ourselves painfully up in the morning to begin another painful day.  This is, of course, if we are lucky enough to have jobs.  For some, Monday may be a reminder of bills to pay and financial stress as they search for employment.

In any case, Mondays cause me to think.  I can reflect on various emotions surrounding all of the above-mentioned scenarios at different times in my life.  It is the *best* however, for those of us non-morning-people, to feel thrilled to wake up at the beginning of one’s work week, knowing that it is full of exciting opportunities to learn and grow.

All of these reflections lead me to the idea of creating personal “Rules for Living Well.”  Have you ever done this?  I have struggled the past couple of years, at times, with feeling as if I forgot my personal rules for living well (note: If you resist the word “rules,” think “guidelines” or whatever happy suggesting word makes you sparkle).  In my coaching studies at the International Coach Academy, a reading assigned discussed this idea of “Rules for Living Well.”  I like it.

These rules can (and probably should) be based on your personal values.  But thinking about the rules can really help you to move forward in the world, considering how we show up, support others, and support ourselves and those that matter to us.

My #1 Rule for Living Well is: Be Kind.  I’m going to make my own list, but I thought I’d share this idea with you – as when you’re thinking about future weeks and what you have control over in your life, perhaps you can think about your own personal rules or intentions for living well – and let those inform other parts of your life.

What are your Rules for Living Well?



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