Quiet Friday

It’s Friday night.  Earlier I helped my dear friend glitter up for a sparkle party tomorrow in honor of her birthday.  Then I went on a walk with my dear, sweet doggie, Luna, and then I came home to bathe her – as she managed to find her way into something on the walk that was dreadful.  It’s the second time this week she’s done this (and I believe the second time EVER) but I’m getting better at washing her in my shower, and she seemed to enjoy it *slightly* more this time.


Here’s my favorite, Lunita


Tonight I’m staying in.  I decided that I needed a quiet night, and I’m so happy I made that decision.  A quiet night is exactly what I needed.

It’s so important to listen to ourselves – and our bodies.  I’m slowly learning that lesson and trying to listen to my body more and more.  I love having fun and being social and living it up on Friday nights, but I also love balance and quiet nights with Luna.

I sit here, listening to the rain, and a sweet “mix tape” album my friend made me for my birthday last week, and I feel peaceful.

I hope your evening is quiet and lovely, too, if that’s what you’re needing this evening.


Happy Friday!



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