Good thoughts from my clients ~

  • “Coaching has improved my quality of life immensely.  I have never felt this level of confidence and mindfulness in the things that I do.  I look forward to the doors it has opened for me in my personal and professional life.” – Kat
  • “Working with Solveig helped guide me through my goals to greater focus & clarity. It gave me the gentle accountability needed to focus on my goals. I’ve only heard of life coaching [before this] but had never done it, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, and it was great!” – Karen, Toward Joy
  • “Life coaching was a rewarding and positive experience for me. I came to Solveig after a hard breakup and had decisions to make about my next path to take. Solveig did not tell me what to do, rather she empowered me to make my own choices. It was easy to schedule with her, and she would check in with me during the week, which kept me focused on my goals for the week. Signing up for life coaching with Solveig was the best decision I could have made during my difficult life transition.” – Sasha
  • “Thanks to your coaching, I was able to move through the intense self-doubt and sometimes hopelessness of longterm unemployment, to recognize the dignity and potential I still had, and allow myself to make choices based on my values, not on fear. You helped me create a safe and even joyful container for my own vision, and then to map the practical steps toward starting to build the life I wanted. I am so excited to continue coaching with you! Can’t wait to schedule our next appointment. Thank you for helping me clear away the blocks I was placing in front of my own desire to live within abundance. My life started *feeling* the way I wanted it to even before I had achieved the goals that have come my way. You are amazing at what you do!!!”  – Katie
  • “My sessions with Solveig brought me much needed clarity about who I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get there. She taught me how to set goals effectively. Solveig suggested authors that have truly changed my entire outlook on life in the most beautiful way! And she guided me to my dream school, which I start next week!” – Blaze
  • “When I started working with Solveig, I was out of work, out of sorts, and out of whack. Solveig calmed me down and helped me to realize that many times when one views occurrences in your life as negative – they are in fact positive and lead to better things. Solveig has a unique talent of helping you realize things for yourself. She is always positive and you could not find a better life coach or a better friend.” – Caren
  • “Solveig portrays the deepest commitment to the values and practices of coaching. Her skills at uncovering and acknowledging thoughts and beliefs within others to support their goals is paired with her driving belief that each person has their own best answers within themselves. Her gentle spirit guides the process in a partnering way – where anyone who decides to look within for something new, will find her strength and belief in them a key to unlocking their potential within a trusted relationship. Her sense of humor diffuses frustration and in my situation of working on a life-long fitness goal, her acknowledgement of what I have done helped keep me focused and positive. We often judge ourselves harshly and Solveig supports turning that around as information that can unblock our goals rather than our adding resistance which increases them as obstacles. She is especially skilled at finding things we have accomplished in the past and helps us translate them as actions we can take again with new goals – building upon what worked before. I refer Solveig to anyone looking to accomplish any goal- her coaching skills and personal presence are a winning combination!” – Louise
  • “I have the great pleasure and fortune to be a client of Solveig, who is such an intelligent, compassionate, supportive and inspiring coach. During all our sessions, Solveig brings excellent energy and insights through her powerful listening and questioning. The passionate, peaceful and loving essence of her coaching is invaluable and much appreciated. Thank you dear Solveig!” – Cindy