Open-Hearted Changemakers Intensive

Open-Hearted Changemakers Intensive

Join a group of Open-Hearted Changemakers this fall to grow your creative project or business with the support of a coach and community in this intensive four month program.  

Apply HERE. 


From September to mid-December, as a part of this program, you’ll receive:

  • High-level, small group coaching calls twice monthly
  • Small teams to meet with between coaching calls for additional accountability + support
  • Guidance to develop, grow, and launch your business or creative project
  • A private Facebook group to continue our conversations, receive support, and build community
  • Weekly accountability and inspiration emails to keep you on track


The Open-Hearted Changemakers Intensive is RIGHT for you if ~ 

  • You are ready to grow & launch your creative project (or business)
  • You would love a big-hearted, soulful community in which to grow together
  • You’re prepared to commit your time and energy 
  • You’re in a place where you could use support from a coach and community


The Open-Hearted Changemakers Intensive is NOT RIGHT for you if ~ 

  • You don’t have the time (or you’re not willing to MAKE the time) to commit this fall
  • You can’t envision yourself playing bigger in the world and taking courageous actions
  • You don’t like the support of community and you’re not willing to be supportive
  • You aren’t ready to grow your creative project or business (or even start)


The group will meet every two weeks on Wednesday evenings (starting in September – on 9/7/16) – from 5:30-7:30 pm Alaska Standard Time  (6:30 – 8:30 pm Pacific, and 9:30-11:30 pm EST).  

Click HERE TO APPLY by Wednesday, August 31.


Applicants will be contacted by Solveig to discuss enrolling in the Intensive – and to answer any questions. 

There is space for up to nine participants in this program. 


The investment for the Open-Hearted Changemakers Intensive is $497 (or three monthly payments of $167). 


Still considering? Here’s what other people are saying about my coaching programs: 

  • “Coaching has improved my quality of life immensely.  I have never felt this level of confidence and mindfulness in the things that I do. I look forward to the doors it has opened for me in my personal and professional life.” – Kat
  • “Working with Solveig helped guide me through my goals to greater focus & clarity. It gave me the gentle accountability needed to focus on my goals.” – Karen, Toward Joy
  • “Thanks to your coaching, I was able to move through the intense self-doubt and…to recognize the dignity and potential I still had, and allow myself to make choices based on my values, not on fear. You helped me create a safe and even joyful container for my own vision, and then to map the practical steps toward starting to build the life I wanted.” – Katie
  • “My sessions with Solveig brought me much needed clarity about who I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get there. She taught me how to set goals effectively. Solveig suggested authors that have truly changed my entire outlook on life in the most beautiful way!” – Blaze
  • “Solveig portrays the deepest commitment to the values and practices of coaching. Her skills at uncovering and acknowledging thoughts and beliefs within others to support their goals is paired with her driving belief that each person has their own best answers within themselves. Her gentle spirit guides the process in a partnering way – where anyone who decides to look within for something new, will find her strength and belief in them a key to unlocking their potential within a trusted relationship.” – Louise

If you have questions, email me at ~ and I’d be happy to chat and help you decide if the Open-Hearted Changemakers Intensive is right for you.

I hope you’ll join us!