Open Hearted Life

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Are you living with too much stress or overwhelm?

Are you feeling uninspired  or like you’re just “going through the motions” lately?

Are you wishing for more community and to connect in with your tribe?

Join me in a detox for your soul & heart


Open Hearted Life

A three week exploration of open-hearted living

(a life of courage and kindness)


For three weeks, join me and fellow big-hearted changemakers to take some time to focus in, center, and remind yourself of how you live with courage and kindness and an open heart.


*Daily emails for three weeks with practical tools and practices that call you closer to your heart – and encourage you to show up for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

*Three group coaching calls with me – to explore what you’re learning with support (show up live, or tune into the recording later)

*Access to the big-hearted Open Hearted Life community on Facebook – to connect in with each other and what you’re learning


Our course begins February 14 – March 5

Group coaching calls will be Fridays at 4:30 pm Alaska Standard Time – 2/19, 2/26, and 3/4. If you can’t make the calls live – I’ll email you a link to the recordings within 24 hours – for you to listen in on your own time.

This is the first run for this course – and you get lucky!  I’m suggesting $25 if you are able to pay – as a form of commitment to yourself – and a way to help me cover the basic expenses of launching the first course. If you’re interested in joining – and aren’t able to pay $25 – you can also join for free this time around.  This is a special offer that’s only going out to my community right now – as I plan to offer this course in the future – and I imagine the price will go up.  I ask for your honest, supportive feedback at the end of the three weeks – regarding how it went for you.

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How do you know this course is for you?  This feels like the right time for you to bring a little extra intention and centering to all the good things you already do for yourself.  You’re ready to try some new practices, make some new friends, and receive extra encouragement along the way.