Last winter was a tough one for me. After following my intuition and moving in with a man I loved, I experienced a really challenging winter (with some highlights, thankfully), which eventually culminated in ending my romantic relationship and finding a new place to live. I do not regret the experience, and I still have a lot of love for my former partner, but it just didn’t work out.

This summer, I’ve been feeling so much. I’ve been healing my heart, and releasing a lot of sadness and disappointment for a relationship and a life I was so hopeful and excited about. I’ve been reconciling and recognizing where I need to grow, and what I’m looking for next time around. (Whew! Next time around? I’m not quite ready for that yet! I’ll keep you posted.)

In addition to that, I’ve been heartbroken by so many acts of violence in my own country and throughout the world. I think so many of us are reeling from what feels like just TOO much. Too much. I read a post by Chani Nicholas the other day that observed, “It feels as though we will either breakthrough or break beyond repair,” and it resonated so deeply with me. Yes. Yes, to breakthrough. Yes, to moving forward with love, awareness, openness, and kindness. Yes to finding a way to heal together. Globally. It’s going to take all of us, you know.

And then there’s just everyday life, right? There’s the social and political events that we observe around us, there’s the ways we use our voice and our gifts to stand up for what we believe to be good and just in the world and make a positive difference, and there’s social action.  And then there’s just our everyday. What are we up to every day?

A month ago, I found myself on the phone to my sister, explaining to her some of my recent sadness, and concluding by passionately (nearly shouting), I just want more fun in my life! In fact, I want ONLY FUN!!

In that moment, my new motto for Summer 2016 was born. #onlyfun

By naming this, I don’t think as feeling, aware people that we can avoid the most clearly #notfun current events and occurrences in our lives. Those will still be there. We know we have work to do.

But along with that, why not seek only fun? Life is for living fully, for embracing, for delighting, just as much as it is for heartbreak.

So for the rest of the summer, alongside letting myself heal, and trying to help the world heal, I’m going to love myself by living a life I could hashtag #onlyfun. If there’s something that’s not #onlyfun, I’ll deal with it, but why not live a life filled with fun times?

Wanna join me?



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