on vulnerability

Tonight I sat in my car with a dear friend while she told me about love.  (Side note – I love talking about love.)  She’s in love.  I’m not sure if she would name it that, but it seemed pretty clear to me.  It was beautiful. It was also clearly scary to her, as well.  I suspect it’s a good-kind-of-scary, but scary nonetheless.  As she explained to me how deeply she felt about this new man in her life, I thought of the Ted talk I watched earlier today.

I recently discovered Dr. Brene Brown – a qualitative researching badass – who has so many great things to say about life.  Here’s one of her quotes I found on Pinterest:

Mmhmmm.  Isn’t that lovely?  Dr. Brown speaks about courage, worthiness, vulnerability, and many other powerful topics in her 2010 Ted talk.  As I watched it earlier today, I just felt myself wanting to say, “Yes!” to half of the points she made.  Her words of wisdom seem worth sharing today.  I hope you remember there is strength in vulnerability.  I hope I remember this.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions if you take the twenty-some minutes to watch her talk.  It’s worth it.  Here’s the link:

The Power of Vulnerability – Dr. Brene Brown



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