Lover of the Light

Light & love - photo by Solveig
Light & love – photo by Solveig

Hello lovelies ~

Happy Sunday night!  I’m listening to Mumford & Son’s Lover of the Light as I write this post.  Midway through writing the post, I decided to look up the video, which to my delight features the beautiful Idris Elba.  So, #1 – I love this song, #2 – I now love it more because of this video which is difficult to interpret, but lovely to watch, #3 – Idris Elba is ridiculously gorgeous ~ (enjoy!!)

“Lover of the Light” by Mumford & Sons

Woo.  Hope you thought that was worth it.  So, here’s my other thought for this Sunday night.  I’ve been reading this book called, Handbook for the Heart.  Have I mentioned it yet?  It’s a series of essays on my favorite topic ~ love.  Tonight I’m going to share with you a little excerpt from an essay by Deepak Chopra, called Heart Sounds.  Here’s the quote that’s resonating with me tonight…

It is easy, so easy, to get distracted and say, “Oh, my God, look at all the bad that’s happening in the world.” But we can’t give in to that notion; we have to keep our focus on love.  There does seem to be a newfound acceptance in the idea of critical mass, a definite change in the collective psyche of the world, as more and more people make love a priority.  Real change is happening.  By giving love, always love, we can continue to influence what happens in the rest of the world.  If enough of us embrace love, the world will eventually be saturated with love.  The love in the world begins with the love within ourselves (p. 13).

Mmhmmm.  All of this quote excites me, and reflects why I’m psyched to be a life coach.  I want to help others discover, uncover, remember, ignite the passion within themselves; the love for others and self-love that contributes to changing the world.

With that, I encourage you to start off the week thinking about love.

How can we be more loving to one another and to ourselves?

Chopra says, The way you fill your life with love is very simple: if you want more love, give more love.  

This is good stuff.

Love & sparks this Sunday night ~


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