Living with Intention

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photo by Solveig

Happy 2016! The new year is upon us, and I hope you had a little time over the holidays to relax and focus on the upcoming year. January is often a time I turn inward, and check in with myself about my values, my intentions, and really try to make sure I’m setting up the structures I need to thrive in the new year.

What about you? Are you giving yourself time to check in with you? Perhaps you set resolutions, intentions, or just a few goals for the new year. Now is the time to make sure those feel aligned, and then set up your life to help you succeed.

In the book Triggers by executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, he explores how much our environment impacts our ability to change our behaviors as adults. After reading his work, I would encourage you to notice your environment and how it is holding you back, or supporting you, in making any changes, living into your intentions, or aligning your life with your values in the best ways.

Your extra awareness might lead you to noticing a corner of your house that needs tidying, buying more fruits and vegetables you like for simple snacks, or savoring how the sunlight lands on you as you’re reading or writing in your favorite chair.

I would encourage you to take notice of the structures that are in place to support you, and how your environment is impacting any changes you’re trying to make.

And, as always, if you need support – I’m here for you.


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