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Hello sparkling friends ~

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I last wrote.  I hope this post finds you well.  Happy Friday!

It occurred to me today that I’m finding myself stuck in a way that seems to be common to many people I know.  Recently, I’ve had some great conversations with friends who are writing blogs, novels, articles, or papers for class.  I’ve listened to my friends expressing the desire to make their blogs or their papers JUST perfect.

And I can relate. Sometimes I sit down to write here, and I get all consumed in HOW I should sound, and WHAT I should write about, which is kind of ironic considering I seek more than anything to be AUTHENTIC and HUMAN.  I love the beauty in imperfection.  I can cheer my friends and clients on like NONE other when it comes to just being oneself.  I can tell them how much VALUE they bring to the world, and how they should not re-edit their blog post for the fiftieth time, but just POST IT…because I want to read their post, even if there’s a spelling error or it’s not the most EPIC blog post they could have ever written.

So, today I remembered that while I’m cheering others on, I should probably cheer myself on, too.  Even if my posts aren’t the MOST brilliant they could be, I’m still being honest, open, and sharing LOVE and PEACE and SPIRIT, which is what I want to be doing in the world.

I coached myself a little, and decided I better write something.  In high school, one of my best teachers told me “writing is generative.”  Isn’t that a funny quote to be remembered 15 years later?  It reminds me, though, to just get started.  If I start, I will find my way.  I also love that saying that goes something like, “Doing something good, is better than not doing something while waiting to make it perfect.” That’s not the actual saying, but it’s something like that.   🙂

With that, here’s my imperfect, messy, blog post for the day.  It’s also my statement that I’m going to be less self-critical, or hung up about posting the perfect thing, and just post things that make me feel sparkly, or things I’m thinking of, or random thoughts and photos and quotes, in hopes you find something to connect to, as well.  And I hope you like them!

I really dig sharing little bits and pieces of my world & brain with you ~ and I really dig *hearing back* from you if you found them thought-provoking, silly, juicy, inspiring, ridiculous, or valuable…and what connections they made for you.  I learn from you and what you share with me, too!  So please share with me, comment, or send me a note on Fbook.


And let’s keep creating!  And loving.  And living life fully.  And sharing.  And being real.  And being US.



Love & sparks~



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