Inner Knowing

This week I’ve been thinking about inner knowing, and how we grow our intuition, our connection to spirit, and listening to our hearts. In a very wise move on my part, I signed up for a 21 day class on inner knowing, with a teacher and coach I just adore.  If you don’t know Jessica Colp, you should get to know her.  She is an awesome coach, teacher, and role model, with a bright spirit and so much love to share with the world.  I really respect, and look up to her.  (She’s one of those people that you think to yourself, I wanna be like her when I grow up.)

So I signed up for her 21 Day course, 21 Days of Inner Knowing, and I am so glad I did.  Each day, for 21 days, we are doing short meditations, sharing, and journaling about different topics related to inner knowing and listening to our intuition-heart-spirit (whatever word works for you).  The questions we’re supposed to reflect upon are meaningful and I can feel myself growing and expanding, even at day 5.

In thinking about this course, I am reflecting on how well we listen to our hearts.  When do we get really quiet with ourselves, and just listen.  Some of us have spiritual practices that involve regular prayer and meditation, but it’s quite easy to get overly busy (especially this time of year) and not take time for these grounding practices.  This week, I encourage you to get quiet with yourself and notice what you hear.  What are you wishing for?  What are you dreaming of?  What quiet voice inside of you is speaking – and how can you listen?


If this excites you, I encourage you to check out Jessica’s class, too.  I’d love to join you on this journey of spirit and expanding.

Love & sparks,


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