In the Garden

I suspect my mood is directly related to the weather.  Does this sound familiar?  If the sunshine is out, I’m feeling happy and optimistic.  If it’s cloudy, it just seems more difficult.  I do like the rain, and the clouds, but I can feel my energy levels and creativity bursting when the sun is shining.

This means I need to get as much Vitamin D as I can to last me through the long winter months – to keep me going.

And one of my favorite new ways to do this is through spending time in my lovely new garden.  I have wanted a garden for a couple of years now, but have only had space for a few potted herbs outside the window of my apartment. This year, one of my dear friends invited me to share her garden space. I accepted, although I was a little nervous about assigning myself a new responsibility (I have plenty to do already!).

But I’m SO glad I accepted.  It has been such fun – for three reasons ~

~ I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and it’s all a grand experiment, and I’m finally getting a chance to do it!  Woo!  (Yay for friends sharing garden space, for me being ready to really do it, and for the fact that we live nearby one another.)

~ It’s a sweet way to be outside.

~ Sharing and collaborating creates an even bigger feeling of community and family.

I can’t believe the joy I’m finding in pulling out weeds (yes, it’s tedious and I can’t believe how quickly they grow), avoiding spiders in the process, getting my fingernails filled with dirt, and smelling the wet earth after I’ve watered, and scheming with my buddy about fertilizer, weeding, and what else we need to plant. Not to mention, fresh lettuce, kale, basil, and radishes that we can already eat – and it’s only June!

So I share this with you, both to share my lightness, but also to encourage you with three summer sunshine-filled questions:

  • Is there something you’ve wanted to do for a while, that you can get creative and find a way to do?
  • How can you spend more time outside this summer (rain or shine)?
  • How might you grow a friendship and build a sense of community through generosity?

Doing things that have been on our life lists for a while can be so very fulfilling, and then, of course, there’s just the loveliness in being outside in the fresh air, and the major bonus of cultivating community.

If you’re reading this, I’d love to know what you are going to experiment with. How are you going to get into you “garden mode” – whatever that may look like for you?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.  If you type it out, it will be more real!

Big happy green love,



Happy is one who gardens.


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