I’m a Blusher

I’m a member of a certain club – and maybe you are, too?

This club is not a popular one, neither is it a club people wish to join. It’s a club that most members wish we could escape, and some of us maybe figure out a way to do that? The club I’m speaking of is the club for people who blush – really really blush.

You know you’re a part of this club if you’ve ever felt the rush of heat on your face. You become suddenly aware of the heat, the overwhelming heat, and you know that translates to your skin. Perhaps you look down out of desperation, and realize your arms are also pink or blotchy (and then can be certain you are glowing).  It’s not just the heat, though. Sometimes in addition to blushing, you cannot think straight, you start sweating, and you cannot breathe or make eye contact.

If you’re part of this club, you know what I mean, and it’s excruciating. Some people I’ve met nod and agree, “Oh, yeah, I blush, too.” And maybe they do a little.

But then there’s those of us who exist in the world never knowing when the next overwhelming flush will arrive.

In my case, it’s triggered by high-stress situations, embarrassing moments, things that could be uncomfortable or awkward for someone else, random people, times I feel vulnerable for whatever reason, things that used to embarrass me, but don’t anymore (and yet I still blush out of habit), speaking up in crowded rooms, and any strong emotion.

In an effort to understand myself more and learn about blushing, I’ve recently discovered there’s even a phobia: erythrophobia – the fear of blushing – that can overtake me at times.  In this case, just the anticipation that I might blush can occasionally make me want to run out of rooms, away from people, and social situations that bring on the red.  Now that I know there’s even a term for this, I’m certain I’m not alone.

So why am I sharing this with you? This is not a call for sympathy. I have a great support network of friends and family who love me even when I’m strangely blushing for who-knows-why. I’ve been a member of the blushing club for as long as I can remember, and I’ve accepted that being a lovely dark shade of rose every so often might be a part of my own experience – my whole life long.

I share this experience with you because I want you to know this is one way I understand the different kinds of courage we need in our lives.  

Some of us make obviously courageous choices – like moving across the world for adventure without having a job, bungee-jumping, diving with sharks, quitting a day job to start our own companies, etc… (good for you, friends!)

And then some of us recognize that our courage sometimes calls us to love someone when it’s scary, to be vulnerable, to speak up when we feel passionate about an issue, to live life in ways that bring us joy even when we are scared, awkward, and feel like we want to run away and hide.

We find courage, and we call on courage, in many different parts of our lives. 

It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of guts to live life boldly, acknowledge our vulnerabilities, and keep on going.

In my case, despite my blushing tendencies, I’ve somehow found myself teaching public speaking classes. Some days this seems hilarious to me. Instead of hiding myself away, as I might occasionally prefer to do, I  stand up in front of classrooms many days a week – to teach others about how to stand up in front of people and speak – to overcome their fears and use their voices to speak up.

Do I blush often? Absolutely. Does this require courage? Absolutely.

This is just one little example, but if I can call on my courage in this way, I know you can be courageous, too.

Even if you’re not a blusher, this post is for you. We all have spaces and situations in our lives where we feel awkward, uncomfortable, and we know we must push beyond our comfort zones. This is for all of us.


This summer, I’m inviting fifteen clients to work with me in one-on-one, personalized coaching sessions to help you cultivate the courage to live, love, and lead with an open heart. I’m calling it the Summer of Courage!

We’re going to be setting courageous goals for ourselves, and moving towards those goals with intention.

Does this sound like something you want to do for yourself this summer?  If you find yourself stirring (maybe getting a little uncomfortable at the deep knowing in you that says yes!), curious, or eager to learn more…let’s chat!

Next week, May 11-15th, I’m offering free 20 minute Discovery Sessions to meet over the phone and chat about whether the Summer of Courage is right for you.  If you’re even a little bit curious (and especially if you’re also a little nervous, too!) – join me next week!  Enrollment for the Summer of Courage closes next Friday, May 15th.

You can book a 20 minute Discovery Session to learn more about how the Summer of Courage could help you thrive by clicking HERE.

I hope to chat with you next week, and trust you’ll be in good company with someone who continues to make bold choices in her life, even if she is bright red throughout the whole thing.  <3

Big love,



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