Hot Pink Lipstick Makes Me Happy

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Well, my friends, I’ve been thinking about what to write about this week, and I started thinking about what makes me happy.

What makes you happy?  Stop what you’re doing right now (reading my blog, I guess) and think of five things that make you happy right now.  They can be little things, of course.

Here’s my list:

*my dog, Luna, lounging on the floor next to me as I type

*the hot pink lipstick I recently purchased

*the almost full moon

*soy lattes

*fun asynchronous, ongoing text conversations with friends

As we go into the darkest time of year (and for those of us up North, it’s real dark these days) I think it’s helpful to make little lists of what makes us happy.  Just the act of stopping, thinking about it, and writing it down can help one to realize what happy things might be happening in our lives that we weren’t even aware existed consciously.

On another note about happiness –

I listened to a TED talk this week called “How to Buy Happiness,” by Michael Norton, which I found quite interesting.  You should watch the talk, but essentially Norton has conducted research that demonstrates that people who take their money (even small amounts – like $5) and spend it on somebody else feel happier.  If they spend $5 on themselves, it doesn’t increase their happiness factor, but if they spend the money on someone else, their happiness increases.  So this is a fun thing to consider when you’re thinking about happiness.  If you’re needing a little pick-me-up this time of year, spend a bit of money on someone else.  Perhaps you’re still riding a generosity high from Christmastime, but when that wears off, remember this.


love & sparks~


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