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Hello loves,

Are you excited about the new year? I’m always quietly thrilled at a new year full of possibilities.

If you’re in a space now where you’re feeling ready for growth and expansion, I want to offer you one of my six openings for personalized coaching this spring. I have space for six new one-on-one clients to meet twice a month between February and April – for a total of six sessions.

If you’re ready to go for it – and really follow your dreams this year – this opportunity could be perfect for you! We can set up an Introductory Session – they’re free, last about 30 minutes – and we can chat about what it might be like to work together and whether the timing is right for you.

My six new clients will receive two hours of personalized coaching each month (for three months) along with ongoing email support to help them grow and expand.

This is a wonderful way to commit to yourself if you have been longing for more clarity, confidence, and courage in your life.

Here are a few thoughts from folks who have worked with me recently:

  • “Life coaching was a rewarding and positive experience for me. I came to Solveig after a hard breakup and had decisions to make about my next path to take. Solveig did not tell me what to do, rather she empowered me to make my own choices. Signing up for life coaching with Solveig was the best decision I could have made during my difficult life transition.” – Sasha
  • Working with Solveig helped guide me through my goals to greater focus & clarity. It gave me the gentle accountability needed to focus on my goals. I’ve only heard of life coaching [before this] but had never done it, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, and it was great!” – Karen

Since I’m a person who likes to know how I can plan financially, I’ll let you know the total investment is $625 for three months – or $225/month if you’d like to make three monthly payments. This is a great gift to give yourself as we move into the new year – and strengthen our commitments to living meaningfully and intentionally in our lives.

If you think the timing is right, I’d love to be on your team! Enrollment for this offering closes Friday, January 29th, so let’s make sure and talk before then. As you’ll note, I only have six openings, so if you’re interested, the time to connect is now! (My next opening for individual coaching will be in late May/early June of this year.)

To sign up, click here and schedule an Introductory Session with me between now & January 29 – or email me at and we can set up a Introductory Session and get you moving in the direction of your dreams.



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