glamorous order

I often joke that I’m good at organizing people, but not papers.  I don’t know when this started exactly, but it seems as though I’ve always been surrounded by a bit of clutter.  In the past few years, though, it’s gotten extreme.  My day job keeps me extremely busy, and piles accumulate before my eyes.  I struggle with piles of papers at home, too.  It’s an ongoing area for self-improvement.

A super awesome friend recommended a book to me, that I promptly ordered and then have let sit on my floor for the past two months.  Yesterday, after feeling the tightness in my chest that surely indicates too much stress, I cracked the book open.  I resisted at first because it had this semi-cheesy dude on the cover smiling and promising me “stress free productivity!”  I have to say, though, after getting through chapter 2, I’m hopeful that this fellow is on to something.  Slowly his cover photo is moving from “cheesy organized dude” to “potentially helpful buddy.”  I’m not quite there yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

So, the book is called “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity,” by David Allen.  So far, so good.  I’ll keep you posted.  Honestly, if this can give me some tools to organize projects and papers better, I will be one happy lady.

There’s my nerdy post for the week!  Learning how to organize better…always room for improvement, eh?  If only I could make organizing a little more glamorous…

Ciao bella.

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