Friends <3

Tonight I feel thankful.  I feel so very thankful for friendships in my life.  I am blessed with many amazing, authentic, courageous, creative, adventurous, intelligent, passionate friends in my life, and I do not take that for granted.  Someone once described one of my friends as “super concentrated awesomeness,” and that phrase has stuck with me.  I have so many friends I would describe in those terms!

Tonight I met up with one of those peeps to support one another in writing our business plans.  He sent me some sweet music tonight to write this blog post, too, as well.  Adrian Lux.  I’m digging it.  This friend is one of those extraordinary people in the world, whose creative genius does not cease to inspire me.  We spent an hour reading one another’s plans and giving each other feedback, and then went and ate Himalayan food and talked about life.

Not only did my friend give me useful, honest feedback, but he kindly asked me if I’d been blogging lately.  This led to a solid discussion of how we hold ourselves back, or let things sit in “idea” mode instead of taking steps towards action.  Usually, I’m a fairly proactive person, but sometimes I need a little nudge to keep moving forward.  This is what he gave me.  I hope I helped him, too. Great friends hold you accountable in that gentle, loving, encouraging way, that makes you want to try again.

This friend is special to me, and I am blessed to have many fantastic friends who are dedicating their lives to being “forces of good” in their own ways.  I will highlight some of them in this blog, and hopefully meet their friends to share with you, as well.  But I start out (again) by saying how thankful I am for good friendships.  Solid friendships help us grow, provide space to be ourselves, and allow us to experiment and fail, yet still remain with us.  Dear friends tell us the truth, even if it’s messy, and then support us in improving.

I am so thankful for my friends.  <3

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