Curiosity over Fear

I’m looking at white snow and winter mist outside my window, drinking a sparkly water, and listening to this song.

It’s peaceful here.

Earlier today, I pulled a Wild Soul Oracle Card for the day – and it was so good – I wanted to share it with you.

The card is called The Curiosity Key – and the interpretation says this:

“Become curious of what you’re afraid of.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer. When we are afraid, we stop. We get up into our left brain, we worry and we overanalyze the situation. When we make choices from fear, we limit ourselves. When we are curious, we get up into our right brain, we consider what’s possible, we get creative and think “out of the box.” When we make choices from curiosity, we expand our horizons. Beyond making choices, when we stay curious we expand our ability to see and receive things beyond our imagining. 

Isn’t that helpful? The card goes on to suggest that you breathe, smile with your eyes open, and look around you – to notice and appreciate things you haven’t noticed before. And also, to repeat this mantra:

I stay curious and allow life to constantly surprise and delight me.

What a great perspective! Isn’t it wonderful how simple mindset shifts and tools like this can open up new possibility in our minds?

Try the mantra. Practice it. And let me know what you find.

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