Cold Air & Cozy Times

Hello lovelies,

So, here we are in January.  It’s cold. The hustle of the holidays is over. It’s dark, and our only solace is that Solstice is past and it will just get lighter again….slowly.

While some of us may be buzzing with New Year’s resolutions or intentions, others of us may just be trying to make it through until it becomes lighter and warmer once again. I don’t know about you, but I have to give myself extra love & kindness this time of year and remember to take my Vitamin D.

Despite the cold & dark, I went on a walk in the woods this morning with my sweet doggie, Luna, and was reminded how joyfully she bounds through and luxuriates in rolling around in the snow.  It’s nearly impossible to leave the dog park grumpy after watching Luna’s delight. The cold air makes me feel alive.

This afternoon, I cozied up with rooibos vanilla tea and my grey wool slippers with pink hearts, and took some time to reflect.  And through my reflections, I recognized two of my favorite things to do in January.

{Cold air & Cozying up}

Breathe in that cold air

Even if it’s cold out, a walk around the block, through the woods, or even along a beloved path can be so invigorating. Whether you’re greeted with rain, sleet, or snow, you can enjoy time outside if you just dress for the weather.  Pull on those adorable layers, bundle up, and try to appreciate the snow sparkling at your feet or the soaked sidewalks.

And then…cozy up. 

What does cozy feel like for you?

Perhaps it’s some peppermint tea and having a long, much-needed catch up with a dear friend.

Maybe it’s making sure your warmest, softest blanket is placed strategically on your couch next to the book you’ve been waiting to read?

Cozy might be snuggling up with your love and a hot toddy and telling each other stories through the night by a wood stove.


When we breathe in that crisp air and find ways to be cuddled up on our own (or with people we love), magical things can happen.

So, I want to hear from you.

What is your favorite way to play in the cold?

What are your best ways of getting cozy?

With love & sparks,


Cozy wintertime.
Cozy wintertime.


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  • Oh how I miss that cold, crisp air. I haven’t had a winter in over 20 years. There’s something to be said about allowing for hibernation. (PS: this is Shan_Leigh71 from Instagram). Something made me want to click you blog link today. ❤️