I work with big-hearted changemakers and creatives who are seeking clarity and courage to live, love, and lead with open hearts. 

The world needs you. We need you to be living in ways that support you to thrive, so that you can do your important work in the world. There are tons of amazing coaches out there, so here are five reasons you might want to work with me:

I would love to encourage you – and help you see your brilliance as others see it, too.

Whether you’re struggling with figuring out what next, managing your time, figuring out how to care for yourself and stand up for yourself, and longing for more time to grow your creative projects, I hear you. I’ve been in a lot of these places, and I continue to grow and learn alongside you.  Think of me as a big sister – someone who is figuring out life, too, and who has tons of resources and practices to grow and expand.

This means, in most cases, I can feel with you where you’re coming from, and I can help you find the good. I know life has its ups and downs, and I honor our lived experience, and I will help you find the places to feel deeply and then cultivate gratitude and forward momentum.

We can look at where you are, and where you want to be, and we can help you figure out (together) how to get there. Think of me as your personal strategist.

Having gentle accountability and a solutionary at your side, means that we will help you draw on your intuitive knowing to make aligned choices and grow. Coaching helps you commit and make it happen.

“Life coaching was a rewarding and positive experience for me. I came to Solveig after a hard breakup and had decisions to make about my next path to take. Solveig did not tell me what to do, rather she empowered me to make my own choices. It was easy to schedule with her, and she would check in with me during the week, which kept me focused on my goals for the week. Signing up for life coaching with Solveig was the best decision I could have made during my difficult life transition.”

 – Sasha

“My sessions with Solveig brought me much needed clarity about who I wanted to be and what I needed to do to get there. She taught me how to set goals effectively. Solveig suggested authors that have truly changed my entire outlook on life in the most beautiful way! And she guided me to my dream school, which I start next week!” 

– Blaze

“I have the great pleasure and fortune to be a client of Solveig, who is such an intelligent, compassionate, supportive and inspiring coach. During all our sessions, Solveig brings excellent energy and insights through her powerful listening and questioning. The passionate, peaceful and loving essence of her coaching is invaluable and much appreciated. Thank you dear Solveig!”

– Cindy



If you’re curious, let’s meet for a free 30 minute Spark Session! These sessions are designed to give you a sense of how a life coach might support you. In that time, we’ll explore the ways coaching could help you feel more courageous, authentic, and free.

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