Celebrate Solstice!

Happy Solstice


For those of us that thrive on daylight and live in the northern hemisphere, June is a good month. This is the climax of lightness for the year, and there’s a need to soak up all available amounts of daylight (and preferably sunshine).

This weekend is summer solstice (!!!) Can you believe it?  The longest day of the year up north ~ and a time for celebration!


This day welcomes summer, warmth, and goodness – and it’s June 21st this year.  So, mark your calendars, look towards the weekend, and give some thought to how you might celebrate the day.


Maybe you make a little campfire, gather some friends, and scheme together about your adventures this summer.


Maybe you need some time for life-affirming prayer or meditation ~ to give yourself personal time to heal and feel gratitude.


Maybe you go to a river, the ocean, or a lake ~ and think about the cycles of nature, the blessings of summer, and how we’re all interconnected.


Maybe you have a dance party.


Wherever you find yourself this weekend, take a few moments to connect to this day, to our ancestors who have celebrated this day and summer forever, and to something larger than yourself.

And for those of you in the southern hemisphere, celebrating your winter solstice, I send you love and goodness and celebration, too.

Love and blessings,


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