Campfires & Spirit

The other day a buddy walked up to me in the cafe in which I was busily grading papers (I teach at the university, as well as coach).

“You are such a busybody,” he smiled.

I took exception to this name-calling.

“Hey!” I started, “That’s not the right word for me!  I just have a…full life. I do lots of things!”

“Well,” he teased, “just for once I wish I could run into you relaxing and having a glass of champagne.”

“You should have been with me the last few weekends,” I laughed. “I had champagne, and a campfire, and sparklers even…and I was totally relaxed.”

He gave me high five, and went on his way.


And I was telling the truth.  A couple of weekends ago, two great girlfriends and I had headed out of town to celebrate Solstice in a little town south on the highway – called Hope. We camped out, wandered near the ocean, told secrets in the tent, shared some champagne, explored, listened to jam band live music, and made new friends around a campfire filled with laughter and sparklers.


It was such fun!


And then last weekend, I celebrated my 35th birthday with more campfires, delicious food, lovely friends, and beach-wandering.


My friend isn’t kidding when he says I’m busy.  It’s part of who I am; I like having a full life, being involved with my friends and the community, staying physically active, finding creative time, and I have two jobs.  So, sure. I keep busy.


But I also know when to relax.  And I’m getting better at it.  And I know when I need to play, and have no responsibilities, get out of town, or snag a friend or two for some fun times or serious delving-into-life-and-love-chats.


Living a balanced life, with quiet times, with hustle times, with time for fun, and time for nothing but chilling takes awareness.  It’s sooooo easy to get caught up with our routines, our obligations, our work, and our day-to-day stresses. 


I saw a quote the other day that read, This is my commitment to live up to the spirit that is within me. And I don’t know about you, but my spirit is full of light, full of rebellion, full of whimsy, and full of fun.  She’s less concerned with productivity and deadlines, and more concerned with connection. She wants to be a light in the world, while also being full of love for this body I’m in ~ taking it easy and relaxing sometimes.


So, on that note, how can you find time in your life (this week) to listen to your spirit?    


Schedule an evening to yourself, or get a tea with that friend you haven’t seen in ages but who always makes you feel delighted about life after seeing them, or check out that yoga class you keep meaning to.

Whatever allows you to relax from your busy life, and makes your spirit sing – find a little time for it.  And I’d love to know what you’re up to and how you’re listening to your spirit and relaxing a bit.  Leave a comment below ~ or share this with someone you know who needs it.  Spread the love, be the light.


This is my commitment to live up to the spirit that is in me.
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