Being a Singleton

Let’s be honest ~

Some days it’s tough to be single.  Especially as a thirty-something woman who might really want to have a long-term romantic partner and a family someday.  I know I’m not alone.  This week, I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot.  I’m well aware that I notice this more because people I love have gotten married and are having babies ~ and someday I’d like to do that, too.  Side note: My friends have the CUTEST babies!!  Wow!!  🙂  Additional side note: I’m *so* thankful that they let me hang out with their babies!!  Lucky me!!

I’m also a university instructor, and this past week I graded about 100 papers on interpersonal communication in relationships.  My brain is full of stories of relationships and what’s worked and what’s NOT worked. So many stories!  So, it’s no wonder that I’m thinking about relationships, being single, and life this week…

Despite reading all these papers on the challenges of interpersonal communication in relationships, it still doesn’t make it easy to be single in your thirties, if what you’re looking for is true love.  I’ve spoken with several AMAZING women about this phenomenon.  (And not to leave you out, guys, some pretty awesome fellas, too.)  We work on being strong, complete, confident, whole, and loving ourselves…but gosh it would be nice to find “the one.”

This week I’m being honest about my own journey with working on being whole, loving myself, loving my friends, family, and others, and feeling thankful for all I have, AND being single.  I hope it helps you to know that someone else is out there – in solidarity with you – if this is where you’re at.  If you’re not single these days ~ bless you and *enjoy* your partner!  Really.  There’s so much love to go around ~ and I’m happy you’ve found it.  That inspires me (and countless others) that it’s possible.

December is a month in which I like to watch a few select Christmas-y romantic comedies, and my all-time favorite is Bridget Jones’ Diary for a variety of reasons.  In watching the movie the other day, I was reminded of one of my favorite scenes.  There are so many good scenes, but this one really makes me giggle.  If you’re a singleton, and even if you’re not, enjoy:

Bridget Jones’ Diary Classic Singleton Scene

I love Bridget for so many reasons…but I love how she makes a brilliant joke out of something many of us feel.  If you are single and wishing for love, it’s okay.  Even if you do indeed have scales, it’s okay.  🙂

You are lovable.  You are loved.  You are love.

Know that I hold you in my heart ~ and that I’m your sister in this journey.

Love & sparks ~



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