be a force of good

I have been away from this blog for a month or so.  My apologies.

The past month has been quite stressful, as I began a new job, and finished up working at my previous job.  I count myself fortunate in that I was leaving a job I have loved, to move on to a job that I am even more excited about in many ways.  But working two jobs near full-time (in each) is just too much.  So my blog suffered a little, and I didn’t have time to write.

But now I am back – and ready to think and write more about walking lovingly and peacefully in the world, and how we grow and become even stronger “forces of good” in the world.

Last night I was hanging with some real cool, compassionate, politically and socially active friends of mine, and we were discussing how and where to put our energy to make the most impact in our communities.  We are all people who are optimistic that our community can be better than it is, but also people who get really frustrated with the state of the state, nation, and world at times.  We were looking for solutions, and discussing democracy.  (Yup, this is what I do for fun sometimes.)

One of my friends expressed that she didn’t know how to direct her energy at times, and I have shared that sentiment.  Another friend mentioned the importance of taking care of ourselves, despite our passion for creating a better community/world.  Yet another spoke up and shared that her mentor told her once that she must figure out how to work in a personally sustainable way, so that she wouldn’t burn out; so that she could work for 20 years instead of 2 years.  This advice seemed so wise to me.  I want all of these women to work for 20 years (or more) doing great things that make our community a better place.  I also know that no matter where they direct their energy, they will have a positive impact.

So, it’s funny reflecting on this, and thinking about my own questions of what I can do in this world. When I think about my friends, I just want them to keep going, in whatever way seems the best at the time to each of them.  If we all just keep taking care of ourselves, and taking care of our neighbors, friends, and family, I believe we can make things better.  I know it.

What are the ways that you make the world a better place?  Taking simple actions everyday that share kindness, laughter, and love with others can be little steps.  Choosing to be involved in task forces, committees, or something bigger can make an impact, too.  Whatever your gifts are, wherever you’re drawn, do the best you can.  The world needs you.

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