Hello there!


I’m Solveig (pronounced soul-vay), a Certified Professional Coach and teacher, based in Anchorage, Alaska.

I create opportunities and spaces for soulful, smart, big-hearted people (like you!) to explore and grow in your life, love, and leadership with courage, kindness, freedom, authenticity, and joy (or what I like to call – an open heart). 

I believe you have the power to co-create a more peaceful and loving world. And I am here to support you in living a life that makes that possible.

  • You have a big heart and you sometimes struggle to navigate life’s challenges as a sensitive spirit.

  • You’re tired of listening to your fear, and ready to trust yourself and take courageous steps towards your happiest life.

  • You’re smart and soulful, and you want to play bigger in life and love.

  • Sometimes those feelings of overwhelm, stress, burnout, or not-enoughness show up, and you’re sick of them.

  • You know that relationships are of high value to you, and you’re ready to feel more love in your life.

  • You want to lead with authenticity and kindness, and you know that you need support.

And you’re in the right place for that.

Working with me will support you to:

  • Grow your own inner peace

  • Listen to your inner knowing and trust yourself

  • Build self-love, and self-care practices

  • Discover how positive mindset work changes your life

  • Know how to feel and process your emotions

  • Increase your courage and confidence

  • Harness your courage to propel you in meaningful work

  • Navigate the steps to building and promoting a creative project or business endeavor

  • Find, grow, and maintain healthy, loving relationships

  • Lead with authenticity, compassion, and vision

  • Live a more peaceful, courageous, authentic, beautiful life

I support you to live, love, and lead with an open heart through coaching (1:1 and group offerings), and leading workshops, online courses, retreats, and in my blog and social media.

In my early thirties, I found myself at a crossroads.

I was in this job that I thought I should love. I was working in management at a non-profit – overseeing social justice and youth development programming. In a lot of ways, this was my dream job, or at least it had been. The truth was, I was overwhelmed and stressed ALL the time.

I was seriously suffering from burnout. I would work long hours, never be able to catch up with emails or voicemail. My creativity felt lost under a never-ending pile of emails and projects. I knew they were important, but I was so unhappy.

People who loved me pointed out that I was crying – a lot. I was so tired, and I wasn’t making enough money to pay my bills, so I had a second job teaching night classes at the university, as well.

In the summer of 2011, two things happened. I signed up for a course called The Fear Cleanse with Gabrielle Bernstein and Christine Arylo. And a friend of mine walked into my work and told me she was studying to become a health coach and offered me some coaching. Impulsively, I said, yes! It sounded fun – and I thought she was awesome.

That summer, I started learning so much about myself. The Fear Cleanse online course helped me identify fear I didn’t even realize I’d been holding onto, and coaching helped me acknowledge and feel my own power and creativity – that had been lost in the long work hours.

I started delving into my own personal growth in a very focused way.

I realized that even though my ego was telling me to stay in the nonprofit job, my heart was starting to call me elsewhere.

I listened.

I knew I wanted to grow as a teacher, and as I learned more about coaching, I felt a deep call to support other people in this way.

Over the next year, I started a coaching certification and was offered an opportunity to teach Communication courses full time at the university! (When you get clear on what you want, the Universe really provides!)

And I was led to coaches, teachers, and books that really began to light me up.

In my career change, I began to really be intentional about my lifestyle, how I cared for myself, and how I followed my heart.

This led to me start Sol + Heart – my way of serving smart, soulful, big-hearted humans (often changemakers and creatives) who want to have open-hearted lives.

As I grow and seek to learn more, I share what I’ve learned through my business. I love coaching and teaching, and my life feels happy, meaningful, and free. My passion for co-creating a more peaceful and loving world is amplified through Sol + Heart.

Facts about Sol:

  • My name, Solveig (soul-vay), refers to sunshine and strength in Old Norse. My family ancestry includes Scandinavian adventurers and explorers, and I find this trait echoed in my own life in an exploration of love.

  • I have a  dog named Luna and a cat named Stella.

  • I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska – a town in the middle of Alaska known for extreme temperature shifts between summer and winter, and the midnight sun. My Norwegian father had a dog mushing team, and I grew up in the woods.

  • I lived in a cabin without running water for 3 years in my 20s.

  • I’ve lived in Oslo and Tromso, Norway and studied Peace Studies, as well as Buenos Aires, Argentina where I taught English as a Second Language.

  • I have my master’s degree in Professional Communication and have been teaching at the university for over 10 years – classes like Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, and Small Group Communication. I started Sol + Heart in 2012 and became a Certified Professional Coach in 2013.

  • I love Americanos with cream, malbecs, and find a lot of joy in cooking delicious, wholesome food.

  • I’m loving growing a garden in the summer, and back country skiing in the winter.

  • I love love. And I cry easily – like at romantic movies, courageous actions, truth-telling…the stuff of the heart.

  • I’m a hugger.

  • I love books + words – find me cuddled up with a Moroccan Mint tea and a book or my journal and you know all is well.

  • When I need to find peace, my first thought is a walk in the woods.

  • I joke that positivity is my superpower.

  • Whenever I can travel, I’m out on a road trip, camping, or heading out on a new adventure. South America has my heart these days (or really anywhere I can practice my Spanish).

  • I am here to co-create a more peaceful, loving world alongside you, and I love what I do. ❤

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