I support big-hearted changemakers and creatives to live, love, and lead with open hearts. If you are ready to grow and make even more positive change in your life and your community, I’d love to be a part of your support team.


My name, Solveig, (pronounced soul-vay) refers to sunshine and strength in Old Norse, and I’m told it suits me. My family ancestry includes Scandinavian adventurers and explorers, and I find this trait echoed in my own life in an exploration of love. I make my home in Anchorage, Alaska with my dog, Luna, and love the beautiful wild nature of the Last Frontier. Whether I’m adventuring up north or around the world, you might find me wandering in the woods, having meaningful conversations over a strong coffee, and experimenting and learning about life.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach, hold a master’s degree in Professional Communication, and have been teaching university Communication courses for nearly ten years.

As your coach, I will help you ~

  • believe in and care for yourself
  • gain clarity and listen to your intuitive knowing
  • expand your courage and confidence
  • grow healthy, loving relationships
  • amplify your voice to speak your truth
  • develop plans and take aligned actions
  • weave joy and positivity along your path

If you’re interested in coaching, I’d love to connect with you! Head over to the Coaching page to learn more about my process, or if you want to take immediate action: sign up for a free 30-minute Spark Session. You can also email anytime, or check in with me on social media.