A Time to Expand


This June, I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended my first grown-up retreat. I went to Nisha Moodley’s Freedom Mastermind Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and it was so very cool.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for myself for a while. I love caring for others, and I’d been feeling the need for some professional and creative development. To make it happen, I saved up my money, worked a little extra, and with some financial planning I was able to make payments (since last November) to pay for the experience.

The retreat was wonderful! Here are some of the things that were most valuable:

* Receiving personalized coaching and support from a teacher and coach I respect immensely;

* Forming new friendships with other inspiring folks who attended the retreat alongside me;

* Giving myself the opportunity to receive help, new ideas, challenges, and encouragement was wonderful, and knowing that I’d made this a priority in my life made me feel proud;

* Learning and feeling energized to keep moving in the direction of my goals and dreams – thanks to great coaching.​

Aside from those insights, vacations are awesome and Santa Fe, New Mexico was beautiful! I’m still feeling extra vibrant from my time there. The time I invested in myself made me feel expansive and nourished – in a way that’s allowing me to support others even more.

After attending, I’m inspired to create this kind of experience for others, too. I’m dreaming up retreat ideas, small group coaching opportunities, and online workshops for the upcoming years. If you have any insights or wishes for the themes of those projects, I’d love to hear. You can comment here – or email me at solandheart@gmail.com with your ideas.

In the meantime, if you’re in a space now where you’re feeling ready for growth and expansion, I want to offer you one of my six openings for personalized coaching this fall. I have created space for six new one-on-one clients to meet twice a month between September and the end of November – for a total of six sessions.

If you’re seeking more clarity, confidence, and courage to live, love, and lead with an open heart – this could be perfect for you! We can set up a Discovery Session – they’re free, last about 30 minutes – and we can chat about what it might be like to work together.

My six new clients will receive two hours of personalized coaching each month (for three months) along with ongoing email support to help them grow and expand. This is a wonderful way to commit to yourself, if you have been longing for more clarity, confidence, and courage in your life. Since I’m a person who likes to know how I can plan financially, I’ll let you know the total investment is $625 for three months – or $225/month if you’d like to make monthly payments (which totals $675 over the three months).

If you think the timing is right, I’d love to be on your team! Enrollment for this offering closes Monday, September 7th, so let’s make sure and talk before then. As you’ll note, I only have six openings, so if you’re interested, the time to connect is now! Email me at solandheart@gmail.com and we can set up a Discovery Session to chat more.

With love and expansion,


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