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Hello lovelies,

In the spirit of trust and love this morning, I want to share a prayer with you I just found.  I want to be clear that I support you whatever spiritual path (or not) you’re on, as long as it’s one that seeks to be love and do no harm.  I have had different ways of expressing and experiencing my faith throughout the years, and I imagine that will change and grow as I do in my life.  So, know that you are loved, whether you think prayers are silly, whether you pray with energy, spirit, Universe, God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, the sunshine, nature, etc…in mind.  Go with what works for you, and I hope this prayer is meaningful for you ~ as I find it to be…

This is a prayer that Marianne Williamson shared in her book Illuminata: A Return to Prayer.  Note, I took out a couple of sections (the … indicate where I did that) that didn’t resonate with me, so feel free to look up the entire prayer on your own if you want the whole thing. Big love.

Dear God,

I give this day to You.

May my mind stay centered on the things of spirit.

May I not be tempted to stray from love…

May my mind and heart be pure and true, and may I not deviate from the things of goodness.

May I see the love and innocence of all (hu)mankind, behind the masks we all wear and the illusions of this worldly plane.

I surrender to You my doings this day.

I ask only that they serve You and the healing of the world.

May I bring Your love and goodness with me, to give unto others wherever I go.

Make me the person You would have me be.

Direct my footsteps, and show me what You would have me do.

Make the world a safer, more beautiful place.

Bless all Your creatures.

Heal us all…


Photo by Solveig - art by some super rad Fairbanks, Alaska artist at Clucking Blossom.
Photo by Solveig – art by some super rad Fairbanks, Alaska artist at Clucking Blossom.


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